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The ever-evolving digital industry has drastically changed the way healthcare professionals need to market and deliver their services. Be it medical practices, doctors, or health systems – if one wishes to be set apart from the rest, drive more sales and attract new patients then their strategies need to be just as innovative and digitally advanced as any other industry.

The future of medical practices lies with healthcare marketing 

With more healthcare professionals and practices becoming accessible online, the red tape between doctor-patient communications has shortened. Patients feel more empowered to choose a healthcare business offering a consumer experience that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Healthcare marketing is not just about increasing patient volume but keeping your healthcare brand at the forefront of people’s minds. Using a healthcare-focused marketing strategy that integrates multi-channel and highly-targeted efforts is the key to driving growth, engagement, and return on investment.

North Rose Healthcare is a leading agency focused solely on healthcare marketing. Today, we will be sharing a few effective digital marketing tactics that healthcare practices should consider using to promote themselves.

Having A Consistent Healthcare Branding 

Being the best at what you do may not be enough to distinguish you from other healthcare practices. As a healthcare consumer, one needs to be able to know and trust you to build a lasting relationship.

Having a strong and recognizable brand identity allows you to create that communication with your potential patients and consequently helps grow your ROI. To build your brand you need to discover what your USP – unique selling point – is and build on it.

In such cases, consistency is crucial because, from the point of view of a patient, they are looking for someone to trust their health with.

Exemplary Online Patient Experience 

A website is your healthcare practice’s front door. It’s often the first thing a patient sees and if it’s not optimized, it may also be the last time a person considers your practice. Just having a website is not enough anymore. It is encouraged to invest in website development services that will enhance the functionality of your page.

From the content and imagery you use to having easily accessible contact information, your website design determines how one will perceive your healthcare practice. Today websites must have engaging tools and provide valuable experiences such as making timely appointments and high-quality communication.

Paid Search Advertising 

Today’s content world is driven by search engine optimization – a powerful tool for getting your medical practices to the top of the search engines. SEO involves using the right optimal phrases and keywords so that search engines like Google and Yahoo can understand your healthcare organization‘s websites.

Focusing on organic SEO tools helps you rank higher and be more visible. However,  sometimes just organic search engine optimization is not enough. In paid searching advertising you purchase ads for search engines to promote your website and increase its ranking for extremely competitive keywords. One of the most popular platforms for this is Google Adword.

Unlike organic rankings, which factor in site traffic and mobile friendliness, in paid search advertising the highest bidder gets the top spot. This is also a quicker way to get instant visibility as you get to bypass the waiting period to get a high organic ranking. Paid search advertising is that it allows for highly-targeted marketing for specific demographics such as gender, age, and even household income.

Using Social Media

While relying only on social media is insufficient, it is an ideal digital marketing platform for physicians and other healthcare practitioners. Social media is a widely used and regularly accessed platform, giving practices a wider reach.

Having your practice on social media also allows you to connect with potential patients and build interactive communication. People always want to know know what healthcare experts and practices have to share and social media is the best way to get that information out.

On social media, you can also invest in sponsored content which allows you to target highly-specific audiences.

In an industry that is always changing, it is important to stay agile and focused. Every business has its own goals, therefore identifying what works best for you is key when it comes to investing in the right marketing strategies. With North Rose Healthcare you don’t have to fluster around in stress. We analyze your business and work out a plan best suited for your goals. Our team of experts handles all your marketing needs while you focus solely on your practice and helping patients.

We hope this blog helped you! Stay tuned for more articles to ease your way into healthcare marketing. Connect with North Rose Healthcare to get more insight on how to grow your medical practice.


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