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Native Ads

Feature your Ads on popular websites and generate links.

Do advertising the smart way, not the hard way!
Native advertising helps drive traffic, conversions, and engagement to your website when the more traditional techniques don’t seem to be enough.

What is Native Advertising?

This is a form of paid advertising in which ads match the function and feel of the media platform where they appear – to fit “natively”. These are ads that you see on other websites. Native ads don’t usually look like other ads, instead, they appear seamlessly on the webpage. This is so they don’t disturb the user’s interaction with the page. Native advertisements are found on social media feeds and are shown as ‘recommended’ content. They don’t appear as separate banners or interrupt the flow of any page. It always appears as part of the page it is on.

How do you spot a Native Ad ?

Since native ads do not look like traditional advertisements, one might think that they are difficult to spot and go unnoticed. However, FTC and IAB regulations ensure that they are unmissed. Each native ad has certain telltales signs

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Benefits of NativeAdvertising


High Viewership

Studies show that native ads have been known to generate an 18% increase in consumer interest and garner more attention from users.


Native ads are unorthodox and that is what sets them apart.


Native ads are a very well-accepted form of advertising. Due to being discreet, most users don’t seem to mind them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anything you wish to! If it can be created and placed on a platform, it can be promoted via native advertisement. Be it an article, infographic, or even a video.

They have been proven to be an effective marketing approach. Native ads can easily be molded into different content formats to create a seamless ad experience that appeals to the user.
There are several native-advertising platforms that you can use to bring your strategy to life. These platforms help advertisers launch their native-ad campaigns across the world’s top publisher sites such as Bloomberg, CBS News, and Business Insider.