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App Development and its importance in Digital Marketing

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Technological developments continue to dominate and integrate their way into the many aspects of our lives. In this age of smartphones, we are actively seeing mobile applications being a crucial part of business plans and purposes. According to data, almost 90% of one’s mobile usage comes via apps, and 82% of users consult their phones before making any purchase. It is also one of the most exponentially growing industries.

This is why app development as a marketing strategy is one of the most important steps of modern marketing campaigns. Including app development works on multiple levels. It gives you initial access to customers, simplifies the shopping process while sharing special promotional codes, and even serves as a resource of customer data. App development is the perfect one-time investment to fuel your business growth.

How does mobile app development help your digital marketing efforts?

1. Increasing your audience

Attracting and reaching new clients is the real challenge of today’s marketing campaigns. With the internet dominating almost every strategy, it has become extremely competitive and saturated. An app, however, makes it easier than ever. A mobile app generates a friction less registration process, removing all obstacles for a pleasant user experience. According to a Forbes study, it has been reported that in-app click-through rates have increased dramatically.

2. User Data

According to a 2015 Nielsen research, consumers spend over 30 hours using mobile applications each month. If done correctly, and you analyze the way your consumers interact with your app, you can have a wealth of information at your disposal. The user data you get from your mobile app can be utilized to further advance your marketing plan. This data helps you to optimize and tailor digital marketing strategies based on your analysis. You can design data-driven marketing plans that incorporate SEO, PPC, and social media techniques. This wealth of knowledge helps you understand your consumer, consequently leading to improved sales.

3. Boost your revenue potential

Did you know that mobile applications actually provide a better user experience as compared to a traditional website? It makes browsing, consuming content, and completing transactions way easier. Mobile applications tend to have a long-term impact on users, leading to more demand and increased revenue. They also target advertisements enabled by smartphones, allowing you to focus on customers based on their location – improving consumer engagement.

4. Personalization

Today’s world is all about receiving a personalized experience from companies and not being regarded as just statistics or leads. A more tailored experience ensures better engagement and client satisfaction. You can achieve this by including personalization during the development phase of your app. Mobile applications provide crucial insightful client data by collecting user data, browser history, and in-app activity.

What are in-app advertising strategies?


  • Interstitials appear on the screen, filling it with interactive content and eye-catching visuals.
  • Static or animated banners are the most cost-effective and simple in-app advertisements
  • A banner can expand and becomes an in-app interstitial


Mobile app development has definitely become an integral part of digital marketing campaigns. At North Rose Technologies LLC, our expert team is up-to-date with the latest technology trends and develops custom strategies that make the best use of them for your business. Mobile app development is no longer just an option, it is a need if you wish to advance your business.

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