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Grow your business with Video SEO Services

In today’s digital world, video content is an amazing tool for inbound marketing strategies. SEO experts have realized that a good ranking for a website is not just about link building, but also, about curating quality content that will create links over time. Video Search Engine Optimization is a hugely underutilized form and one that can generate successful results.

Video SEO: The Future of Marketing

Since quality video requires a lot of investment, it is important that it is done right and distributed effectively. Video marketing is only beneficial when you see rising engagement from the right people. It is estimated that they currently make up over 82% of online consumer traffic. However, despite the demand for video content increasing, many SEO agencies don’t give it much emphasis.

Why is Video Optimization essential ?

Video SEO services have three main goals

North Rose Technologies helps you strategize and conceptualize effective video content. With our seamless video services, we develop creative, engaging, and optimized content that will reach your target audience.

Our Process



Our process begins with an analysis and thorough research on your brand. We then use these insights to develop the overall marketing and video production strategy.

Market Research and Strategy Development

After this, we take an in-depth look at how you can reach the right audience. Our team uses data analysis tools to get real-time, relevant information to drive results. We then use this information to develop a solid strategy and marketing plan.

Video Optimization

Our researchers include the latest and most appropriate keywords in the content’s transcript, text, tags, and titles to ensure optimization of your video. We understand the many aspects that go into video optimization, such as developing specific titles and descriptions so that it flows smoothly through Google’s search engine.

Implementation and Reporting

Once an optimal SEO video marketing strategy is designed, we produce and distribute your content effectively. We track the results using the latest analytics tools to generate helpful feedback.
We work with a plethora of clients from every industry, including
tech, retail, healthcare, ecommerce and service-based startups.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Organic views are created through SEO strategies, meaning they are not paid for. Organic views imply traffic from customers that have found you. This means that they were looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Using SEO tools such as keywords in the video transcript, titles and tags ensure that your video is ranked high. This provides more brand visibility, especially to the right people who are likely to follow your website.

SEO trends keep changing per the latest news and topics. SEO is primarily based on what people are searching for and how many are searching for it. It helps you gauge how much competition there is online for a specific keyword. Search engines like Google are updated regularly, therefore, each video needs to be adapted to the latest settings while incorporating lasting as well as trending keywords.