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Drive sales and increase your Return on Investment with a pay-per-click style of e-commerce advertising.

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About 65% of small businesses invest in a PPC advertising campaign. In order to stand out in the e-commerce marketplace, you need a smart and competitive strategy that does not exhaust your resources and investments.

PPC is one of the best ways to get your products discovered online. Take it a step further with E-commerce PPC which uses popular search engines to grow your business.

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What are the benefits of E-commerce PPC?

Google Search Ads

One of the most well-known and effective advertising platforms around, Google Search adverts appear on the top and bottom of Google search results. On choosing this platform, you can select from an array of relevant keywords that will help you reach the right customers. It also allows you to optimize for sales volume, average order value, and reach. At North Rose Technologies LLC, we conduct an in-depth keyword analysis to help you identify untapped traffic and explore the best opportunities for your e-commerce business.

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Having a team of professional E-commerce PPC experts helps you save time and focus on other pressing issues for your business such as developing your product line, designing new products, and introducing new offers.. You can entrust our expert team to strategize and carry out all the needful tactics to grow your sales. We understand what it is that your business needs and help you get the best possible ROI from your PPC campaigns. Our team of dedicated E-commerce PPC specialists has years of experience working in the industry and we follow a policy of complete transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Pay-per-click campaigns are a wholesome concept for effective advertisements. By adding PPC keywords, splitting ad words, and refining landing pages, PPC campaigns ensure that every bit of an ad is constructed properly.

PPC campaigns yield fast and instant results. It also allows you to measure the profits, costs and clicks so that you can learn and make adjustments for future campaigns.

Google Ad words is a pay-per-click platform that runs advertisements. All you have to do here is open an account and follow the stress-free process to get your brand out there!

Why pay obnoxious amounts for ads if people won't even look at them. Our expertise in the pay-per-click style of e-commerce advertising will help you rake in the interest without blowing through your budgets.

1. It fits in with the ecommerce business model- It is completely data-driven. You can easily track your advertising and see where every single penny is spent.
2. Advertise as per your own budget- You get to decide your own advertising budget and plan your campaigns accordingly. You can plan small or large campaigns based on how big your budget is.
3. Targeted advertising- Your PPC ads can be extremely targeted, based on the audience you want to reach.

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Shopify Theme Design
& Development

Get themes designed and developed from scratch according to Shopify standards.

Shopify Add-ons
Development and plugins

Get the freedom to build what you want with Shopify Add-ons Development and plugins

PSD to Shopify
eCommerce Development

Convert your PSD designs into fully optimized, beautiful, compatible Shopify website.

Shopify Upgrade and

Undergo regular maintenance and updates succeed online with your Shopify store.

Shopify Store

Build online stores for your clients with our Shopify eCommerce solutions.

Shopify Third-Party

Easily connect and integrate Shopify data with other business applications.

Hire Shopify

Hire our experts to develop robust and smart iPhone/ iPad apps.
They are highly proficient and capable in delivering just-the-right
developments for your business.

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