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Top UX/UI Trends For 2023

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Each year brings on a new digital era and with 2023 around the corner, the upcoming year is not going to be any different. A new phase of web design is expected to arrive in 2023, as digital trends are a reflection of imminent technological growth. We have already witnessed great advancements in the field of AI and Metaverse. Simulation and cinematic techniques are not far behind as a global standstill has pushed the creative boundaries towards reverist experiences. These growing advancements impact the way businesses operate and how they can approach their clients. These developments result in newer web design trends as we continue to move towards an innovative, fast-paced global civilization.

This alludes to big UI/UX trends that may just change the very foundation of the World Wide Web. There is a predicted shift in designs focusing more on consumers while embracing their individuality. Meaning more ‘real-world’ images and live representations.

Below we have a list of some of the most influential UI/UX trends that we believe will be taking over in the coming year.

1. Animation

UX design in 2023 is believed to delve heavily into 3D animation. In the coming year, more 3D components have been supposedly employed and web designers are expected to push their boundaries to create enthralling animations that are bound to intrigue the user. It can be applied in any field and many big companies such as Apple have already started employing 3D models to showcase their features. Besides tech, more animation will be seen in the fashion and e-commerce industries.

2. How vs What We Build

How and what we build is going to shape our 2023 designs. With technology advancing with every passing second, the deliverables of a UX designer will be reimagined with the availability of design-to-code platforms such as Figma and Webflow. There will be more involvement of the designer in the development process with direct participation predicted.

3. Personalization

With more brands and companies owning up to their individuality, the concept of personalization is going to take off heavily in 2023. With the shift moving over to the consumer, personalized designs cater to their preferences and add a personal touch to your design. Consistent yet non-uniform, personalized designs are the big shift we will be seeing.

4. Inclusivity and comprehensiveness

With companies and designers acknowledging the needs of the user, there is a major focus on inclusivity to make the consumer feel comfortable and at ease. User testing is another trend that is predicted to be taken into consideration. This is to generate a final design that is accessible to all. It is important to identify specific elements that some individuals may not have access to and figure out which circumstances may not allow the consumer to utilize your product to its maximum potential. Inclusivity is all about considering your consumer’s unique personality trend. While creating a design, factors such as ethnicity, gender, age, and language should be considered. This also increases the focus on diversity.

5. Augmented reality

Leaving the metaverse in 2022, the focus is going to shift to Augmented Reality or AR. This technology is becoming more widely used in everyday life than ever before. It is already being used by Apple in iOS’s Measure app to measure any height with just your device and even by Instagram when we use filters. AR technology is expected to be more widely adopted in more apps and products in this new year. Not only does it appeal to a user’s experiences, but uses greatly advanced features and functions.

6. Virtual Reality

We have already been introduced to Virtual Reality via quite a few companies but in 2023, we will undoubtedly see UX design adopt this fascinating technology. Virtual Reality acts as a connection between the real world and the digital world. It allows users to see information visually in contrast to the outside environment.

7.  No more parallax scrolling

In 2033, say goodbye to parallax scrolling! Many websites are all ready to do away with this long outdated feature. Parallax scrolling is a visual effect in which the background moves at a different pace than the foreground. It is only effective when there is a lot of information and the important needs to be brought to attention. It was used mainly by Apple but ever since the iPhone 14 series they have adopted the Dynamic Island feature.

8. Immersive Experience

Look at the websites of any of the top brands. Be it Louis Vuitton, Tesla, or even McDonald’s. While from varying industries, there is one thing they all have in common. That is a homepage that offers a highly immersive experience. This best summarizes the top UI trend for 2023. These websites are clean and display only the most vital information and sections. These websites belong to some of the largest companies in the world with huge databases but only the most important information is displayed. Another thing that stands out is the large text such as H2 and H3. 2023 is not the year of overloaded text and irrelevant images.

2023 is the year to incorporate to execute huge changes and not just plan them. Focus on complementing your research with your own experience. North Rose Technologies offers a number of UI/UX design services, keeping the latest trends in mind. Our dedicated designers are at the top of new technologies that make your website stand out in the best way possible.

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