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Having started as a contrasting approach to mass-marketing strategies, personalized marketing is an effective marketing tool for brands to deliver their messaging to each consumer’s unique expectations. In today’s world, there is an overabundance of information, and consumers are overwhelmed with the information pitched daily. A personalized approach communicates the information directly to the consumer’s needs and interests. When brands eliminate unnecessary information and speak directly to customers, it creates a positive association between them.

Why is it important to create personalized marketing strategies?

The same applies to the consumers of the healthcare industry. As patients, they are actively searching for practices that will meet their anticipated needs effectively. In today’s cut-throat healthcare industry, personalized healthcare marketing plays a crucial role in determining the success of your practice.  A custom marketing strategy in the healthcare industry allows you to build a meaningful connection with your patients and grow customer footfall.

With more and more companies making high-quality healthcare easier to access by using technology to their advantage, healthcare practices must offer modern services that are built around patient experience to differentiate themselves from competitors. Adopting these methods will boost visibility, attract new consumers and maintain loyalty with existing patients.

For example, using pay-per-click (PPC) or SEO strategies signifies that your practice offers a personalized and relevant experience, distinguishing you from the rest. Current healthcare strategies must use evidence-based and technology-enabled healthcare solutions that communicate well to each targeted individual.

Today, with healthcare options increasing expeditiously, patients are more empowered than ever. As a result, healthcare providers must step up their game and implement forward-thinking strategies that ensure the most positive patient experience. At North Rose Healthcare we offer strategies that have been developed especially for you and your healthcare practice.

Check out the following personalized healthcare marketing strategies that have proven to benefit providers:

Doctor on Demand

Commonly known as Telemedicine, making this service available on your website allows a patient to connect with doctors immediately through video chat in moments of emergency. This modern-day digital tool is cost-effective and makes your practice more accessible. Using HIPAA-compliant means, providers can make getting health assessments and consultations more convenient. Providing this service saves patients the trouble of transportation, taking time off work, and making any necessary childcare arrangements.

Post-Admission Engagement

Creating an efficient follow-up system reduces unnecessary healthcare costs and visits, making the relationship between your practice and patient more impactful. By leveraging technology to automate post-admission engagement, you ensure patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Online Appointment Scheduling

No one likes being put on hold just to make and reschedule doctor visits. Eliminating this cumbersome task for your patients and staff gives your consumers a positive experience with your healthcare. Remove the illusion of online appointment booking with online systems that submit requests that must be manually validated and instead adopt self-scheduling and real-time booking options.

Patient Portals 

Patient portals that give patients access to their results, prescriptions, and notes from the healthcare providers. This is a great way to personalize a patient’s experience by providing additional information on their diagnoses, health conditions, and tests. Additional services based on their history and prescriptions can be added as well. Having an easy-to-navigate and secure patient portal set up by healthcare providers creates ease and around-the-clock access to personal health information.

The successful implementation of such portals allows for an interactive patient-doctor experience. Via these cost-effective portals, providers can also see what other treatments their patients are receiving, leading to better management of the patient’s health. It eliminates the need for unnecessary hospital visits and phone calls, making it an attractive feature for consumers.

Personalized email marketing

When you’ve identified your target audience, segmented effectively, and created buyer personas to understand what motivates conversion, you can create hyper-personalized outreach campaigns that can effectively attract your target audience and segments when done correctly. This leads to an increase in engagement and can generate an ROI of almost 400%. Personalized email marketing offers endless opportunities as compared to generic email blasts. By customizing your messages to a specific patient or group of patients, you can develop a better relationship and increase patient footfall.

Personalized healthcare marketing is essential, now more than ever. Embracing this strategy appropriately can help practices achieve substantial success in today’s constantly changing healthcare market. Offering patients a custom experience through immediate online appointments, user-friendly websites, and patient portals, helps you to get new patients and keep your existing ones coming back.

At North Rose Healthcare we are dedicated to promoting your practice and increasing your footfall. We are a healthcare marketing agency with years of experience in helping individual and group practices improve their digital presence.


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