5 Steps to an Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business

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Effective Social Media Strategies for Your Small Business

Technology has changed many things over the past few years, marketing being one of them. We have watched marketing evolve greatly and change the way we perceive it. Long gone are the days of door-to-door marketing or relying on traditional forms of advertisement such as print and TV. As we enter the digital world, we witness the digitalization of marketing. Social Media Marketing is the new talk of the town and it’s definitely here to stay. Studies have shown that social media usage in the US alone has grown from 7% to 65% in the last decade!

The number of users joining Facebook and Twitter keeps growing each month. Social Media has become a marketplace in and of itself with a global audience at your disposal. If, as a business, you are not on social media in today’s day and age; then you might want to reconsider.

From popular MNCs to startups and small businesses, every kind of business has found a niche over here. At North Rose Technologies we guide you with the best plans and communication strategies to reach and convert your audience. We have compiled a basic strategy small for you to get started on taking social media by storm.

Set your goals and target audience

Before starting any business the first two things that you need to set down are your goals and target audience. What is your vision? What are you driving towards? Who do you wish to approach? Which audience does your business appeal to? These are factors that not only set you apart but give you an identity.

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Goals make you think about where you are and where you eventually want to be. When setting down your goals for your social media campaign, you have to figure out your priority as a business at that moment – Is to drive traffic to your website? Raise awareness? Is it to boost sales or are you offering promotions? The key to setting these goals is to follow the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) strategy.

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Your target audience is what truly sets the down of your campaign. It follows the basic principles of consumer psychology and adheres to the psyche of your chosen audience. For example, a 22-year-old single college student would have different needs from a 34-year-old working mother, and therefore, cannot be approached by the same marketing tactics. Setting your target demographic is an extremely important step as it decides the creative direction you take on social media.

The right platform :

Today we have a number of platforms at our disposal. However, when it comes to being successful on social media, it isn’t about choosing the most popular platform but about choosing the platform where your target audience is. Figuring out which platform you choose is an important step as you invest most of your time and money here. When approaching an older audience, then Facebook is a great platform to reach out on. If your target audience is more on the professional and entrepreneurial side, then LinkedIn is the one for you. It is also a great place to network with like-minded individuals. Twitter and Instagram are two of the most widely-used and upcoming platforms, especially amongst the younger audience. However, today members of all age groups and backgrounds use them.

The content :

Figuring out your content is the next and obvious step. There is only so much you can ‘wing’ when it comes to social media, and content isn’t one of them. Content is the first thing your audience sees when on a social media platform and it is crucial to develop the right content strategy for your business. From choosing the format, and the tonality to even the frequency of your posting. When creating your content it should be relevant and easy to understand. You can choose between images, videos, and even written content – depending on the approach you wish to reach your audience. It is best to set a schedule and adhere to it, rather than posting randomly and seeming unprofessional.

Creating a presence

Choosing the platform and developing the content is the base work when trying to take on social media marketing. The main step is to build a strong online presence. This comes from being consistent on social media, maximizing your resources, and engaging with your audience. The more time you spent on making your socials appear visually pleasing, the more legitimate you seem and consequently grow your traffic. Being active and participating in online communities is one of the best ways to create your presence on social media.


While having aesthetic posts is important to any social media page, none of that matters if you aren’t consistent and don’t maintain your page. Logging onto your page once a day, at least, is a great way to stay connected with what’s happening o social media. Set some time aside to engage – be it with your followers or even other pages. Creating a social media presence isn’t a complicated task but it does require a sense of discipline and regularity from your end.

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