3 Patient Acquisition Marketing Strategies for 2023

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In just the past two years we have watched the healthcare industry change the way it functions drastically. As the COVID-19 pandemic put the world at a standstill, the healthcare industry had to keep pushing through the different variants. One of the biggest changes that came about was the digital accessibility of healthcare needs. This was something that the healthcare industry had never felt the need to uncover but something that was taken on as a temporary circumstance has now become the new normal.

Thus, with our world evolving into a completely digital sphere, healthcare providers had to keep adapting their strategies in order to reach their patients and their needs. These efforts have been in accordance with the major shift seen in the economic and communicative outlook, with patient-centric marketing taking priority.  With the need to quickly adapt to digital healthcare and transformations, the healthcare industry has been altered forever.

As we get ready to wrap up 2022 and roll into 2023, here are some healthcare marketing strategies that the healthcare industry will definitely be seen using to get more clients.

  • Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization has been the center of major digital strategies and the healthcare industry cannot be the one to leave it behind. Local SEO should be the top priority for any healthcare marketing strategy if patient acquisition is the goal. With more people resorting to google searches and online platforms to find suitable healthcare options for them, it’s important to master local SEO. People will always choose to connect and visit healthcare providers closest to them, so you do not want to miss out on potential patients from your area. In response to the local demand increasing, Google has been stitching together highly relevant local search experiences. The only way you will appear at the top of relevant search results is if you tackle your SEO strategies.

  • Patient-centric content

With the spotlight being on the healthcare industry for the past couple of years, we have seen major changes in the way practices and doctors operate. With patients gaining the upper hand, your communication should replicate the same message. Google has rolled out a content update recently placing necessity on content quality and authenticity. Since the goal is to make digital content more relevant and approachable to humans, your healthcare marketing campaign should be reflective of that. Those practices that have started to adopt this approach have already witnessed a major difference. One way to go about this is to build a comfortable UI that prioritizes mobile experience, making user experience better.  Making use of SEO is key and way to make the most of it is to create evergreen content, keeping fundamentals in mind.

  • PPC Advertisement 

While SEO is one of the most important aspects to conquer in any digital marketing campaign, the results can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. Healthcare businesses, however do not have the luxury often to keep waiting for that to come in. This is why paid-search comes in handy and is a great companion to a long-term SEO strategy to attract new patients. If done well, PPC advertisement can bring you new patients almost as soon as they are launched! Paid search has helped many of the healthcare providers make stand apart in these competitive markets and even support organic SEO growth.

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