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Collaborative groups within online workplaces

What are Virtual Teams ?

In today’s digital world, Virtual Teams are becoming more prevalent and the go-to for most companies. A virtual team is no longer an outlier. Organizations have realized the benefit of using technology to look beyond their local community for talent. It’s almost become the norm—and of course, the whole virtual trend has been boosted by the recent pandemic.

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How does it work ?

Virtual teams work mainly via remote work platforms and meeting software such as Zoom and Slack to communicate effectively.
Teams members mainly work independently in such a scenario, having occasional meetings and instant messaging to compare notes. The working of every virtual team depends on the culture of the company and how they choose to function.
While traditional offices work well around face-to-face conversations and collaborating on tasks in the same space, virtual teams rely heavily on instant messaging, video conferencing, and email.

Types of Virtual Teams



These are cross-functional teams that consist of members from different departments that phase in and out, depending on the group’s current tasks.



Parallel teams are temporary teams, functionally more like committees that come together to improve a process.



These teams are 100% remote, with each team member having a specific role and responsibility. They work independently and come together occasionally to share ideas and results



These teams consist of managers from different branches, spread across different locations. They come together to support each other, share insight and make organizational decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Virtual teams allow your company to be culturally and geographically diverse. They help reduce the overhead and have shown results of increased productivity.
For a virtual team to work effectively, you need to have the right resources and tools at your disposal. Software like Slack has many integrations and apps that eliminate the need to switch between different programs. Google Meet has a great Q&A feature, allowing companies to hold interactive meetings.
Companies often outsource portions of their software development work to low-cost global locations. Such a team is known as an offshore team that coordinates with the main team of the company.

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